Meet Your New Coach, Shana Chow!

Shana Chow is a Dating and Life Coach for women. She will be the first to say, “those who have struggled the most in certain areas of their lives, tend to pick careers in those exact areas to coach others’s what not to do..."
As a young adult, Shana’s first love and high school sweetheart named Tyson was murdered in a sudden violent altercation outside of a Vancouver nightclub. Having masked the pain and never healed from the loss,  she entered relationships in her 20s operating from an avoidant attachment style, with poor emotional regulation and unhealthy conflict resolution skills. It wasn’t until she was 30, restarting her life again after a toxic relationship did she realize she was standing in her own way when it came to love. It was then that she became obsessed with trying to understand healthy relational dynamics and frameworks to help women attract healthy love.

Through her B.A.C.E coaching (Boundaries, Assertive & Effective Communication, Confidence, Empowerment, and Emotional Regulation), her 6-C Method for screening for healthy love, and proven online and offline dating strategies, she has helped hundreds of clients attract (and keep) healthy relationships.

Shana has a degree in Social Sciences from Simon Fraser University with studies in Human Behaviour, is a ICF Certified Life Coach, an NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) Practitioner, and a published author and poet.

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