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How Do You Open Your Heart To Love Again?


Dating after a divorce or long term breakup can feel nerve-racking and completely foreign. Especially if you have been married for decades, or gone through a toxic break-up or a lengthy divorce. If you have experienced any form of abuse, the journey can feel that much more lonely.

Which of these thoughts have you had?

  • How do I trust? (again)
  • What if I choose the wrong partner? (again)
  • What are the red flags to look out for so I don’t attract a Narcissist or Toxic Relationship? (again)
  • How do I date effectively in this ‘New Age Dating World’?
  • How do I feel confident dating?
  • I’m afraid of rejection and going through it all over again…
  • Am I ready to date?
  • Am I worthy of love?
  • Why am I not attracting or meeting the right matches?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Maybe I'm destined to be alone...

Guess Why Most People Stay Single And Lonely For Far Too Long...

After speaking with literally thousands of singles over the years and personally working with hundreds of coaching clients, I can confidently say that I've discovered the 5 main reasons most people struggle to date effectively and attract and keep a healthy relationship: 
1)After going through a painful divorce or unhealthy relationship, they lack the self trust to confidentially date. They become paralyzed with the fear of rejection, fear of heartbreak and fear of vulnerability. What’s worse is most people start believing 'maybe I'm just meant to stay single forever.' Simply put, they allow their past to control their future. 
2) They lack a clear dating strategy and waste their time thinking “online dating” is the only way to meet singles.


3) They have an unattractive dating approach. They don’t know how to lead with enticement, desire and high value behaviors. They have never worked on their dating & relationship skills; flirtation, communication, conflict resolution, boundaries and emotional regulation. They turn matches off before they even have a chance to get to know how amazing they truly are.


4) They don’t know how to market themselves properly. From external presentation on dates, to dating app profiles. Simply put, they aren't being seen by their ideal dating pool and are attracting the wrong matches.


5) They have never done the inner work, never worked past the blocks and limiting beliefs they have towards individual fulfillment, love and intimacy. So they continue to engage in unhealthy cycles and self-sabotaging behaviors. They know they have so much love to give, but after one too many “almost relationships,” or heartbreaks, followed by disempowering beliefs about their age or current circumstances, they give up on love, when they don't have to.


Now that you know what is holding you back, which of these apply to you?


Are an ambitious woman who is successful in all areas of your life, except your love life?


Have unhealed trauma from past relationships that is affecting your current love life?


Went through a toxic relationship or divorce and need support and guidance to build your confidence and navigate this 'New Age Dating World'?


Taking action but making little to no progress toward a serious relationship?


Feel insecure and struggle with self-doubt while on dates or in-between dates?


You struggle to clearly communicate your boundaries & tend to be a people pleaser?


Have trust issues and fear vulnerability within relationships?


Are not confident flirting, being playful or keeping the enticement alive on dates?


Worry that there’s so much “competition” out there and that you have to really stand out?


Which of these results would you like the most?


How Would Your Life Change If You Could...


  • Let go of the past and develop the confidence to attract the future life you want?
  • Attract a Healthy Relationship full of compassion, respect understanding and LOVE.
  • Overcome your trust issues and insecurities and operate in your life from an empowered and secure mindset!
  • Transform into an effective communicator. Speak your mind and release your people-pleasing behaviors
  • Embrace your natural feminine energy (yes we all have it), increase your flirting skills and attract a high-value man who treats you right.
  • Fast forward a year from now and be in a healthy committed relationship, or even engaged!
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Shana has been a friend, a coach, a sounding board, and someone who I'd like to emulate. She's been so patient with me. She's amazing, and I'm in a better place. I really think I'll find the right guy now.

But How Will You Get This Transformation?


Each individual private coaching package is tailored to fit the needs of each individual client, which is discussed during your discovery call. Not everyone requires the same level of coaching in the same areas. A client may need more work with emotional control and communication, whereas another client may need more coaching with mindset, limiting beliefs, flirtation and feminine energy releasing. 

Shana's Core Coaching Frameworks: 

  1. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP): in Session focusing on self love, self worth and forgiveness, so you can attract and keep a healthy relationship.
  2. B.A.C.E Foundational Coaching: Shana's Signature coaching foundation focusing on Boundaries, Assertive & Effective Communication, Confidence, Empowerment and Emotional Regulation.
  3. Dating Strategies: Online Dating, Offline Dating, & Done-For-You Services. Healthy Match Selection Framework for long term compatibility (6C-Method).
  4. Dating Communication, Flirtation, Feminine Energy & Presentation.
  5. Relational Conflict Resolution Tools, so you can handle conflict in a healthy way.

Private Coaching Packages Include:

  • One weekly 60 min Zoom transformational coaching session
  • What's app access Monday to Friday direct to Shana so you feel completely supported throughout this journey
  • Training, Videos & Visualization Excercises to hold you accountable so you can get more breakthroughs in between sessions.
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