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Can we agree that Dating in this day and age can be so freaking confusing? With thousands of dating apps, poor communication, overthinking, and those dreaded mixed signals!


Especially if you went through a Toxic Relationship or Divorce, it can be hard to find that confidence and empowerment to trust again. 


If you are like most of my clients before they start working with me, then you probably feel deflated, unsure what isn’t clicking, and secretly question, “am I going to be single forever?”

Most people think to attract a healthy relationship all they need to do is throw up some pictures on a dating app and start swiping, but the truth is if you enter dating without having the tools to build your confidence and self-trust, you won’t date from an empowered mindset and will project a needy energy and get discouraged easily.

Further, if you are online dating and your profile doesn’t attract the right matches you will waste a lot of time. But most important, if you don’t have a dating strategy or a match selection process, you risk attracting the wrong partner and going through heartbreak or divorce again.

Which of these applies to you?


Are a high-achieving woman who is successful in all areas of your life, except your love life?


Went through a toxic relationship or divorce and need support and guidance to build your confidence and navigate this 'New Age Dating World'?


Are constantly attracting matches who waste your time & aren’t looking for a commitment?


Taking action but making little to no progress towards a serious relationship?


Feel insecure and struggle with self-doubt while on dates or in-between dates?


You struggle to clearly communicate your boundaries & find yourself compromising to appease a man?


Have trust issues and fear vulnerability?


Are not confident flirting, being playful or keeping the enticement alive on dates?


Worry that there’s so much “competition” out there and that you have to really stand out?


After reading that, how much of it applies to you?

Now you know what you feel, let me tell you why you're stuck...

Say "Bye-Bye" to the Disempowered Dating Mindset!


Having a ‘Disempowered Dating Mindset’ is a way of dating without educating yourself on proper dating strategies, dating skills, and a match selection processes (simply winging it, and hoping a healthy relationship will magically show up)


A woman who has never done any of the inner work, never grown from past patterns to build her confidence and self-trust.


One that puts ambitious single women (just like you), on the path to pain, frustration and wasted energy dating.


A ‘Disempowered Dating Mindset’

Is what keeps you stuck within your love life. Your Value is dependent on your Effort, meaning if you don’t learn and grow from your past relationships, you will continue to enter the same cycles within dating and relationships.

When you have a Disempowered Dating Mindset you are indeed setting yourself up for heartbreak and an unhealthy relationship.



If you're like most ambitious single women, then chances are you are operating from a 'disempowered dating mindset' that you learned from your upbringing.

But that’s OK! It’s all that you knew until now. Women are taught to be nice, agreeable, likable, and not have strong boundaries. Which leads to bottling up our emotions and poorly regulating them within dating and relationships.

Historically, we are taught to be natural nurturers and have men pursue us.

BUT we are also taught women's rights and the 'I don't need a man mentality', which confuses the dating process and doesn't allow women to embrace their feminine energy for polarization and attraction to occur when dating.

Further, in school, no one teaches us proper dating etiquette, healthy relationships, and how to operate in our lives from an Empowered Dating Mindset. LET'S CHANGE THIS...

Then How Do You Get Out Of The Disempowered Dating Mindset So You Can Attract A Healthy Relationship? Let Me Tell you how...

The 4 Pillar Approach to dating is the most effective way to attract a fulfilling relationship with a High-Value Man. 

 If you don’t do the foundational work, how can you expect to attract (and keep) a healthy relationship?

The foundational work is pillar #1, what I call B.A.C.E. = Boundaries, Assertive Communication, Confidence, Empowerment, and Emotional Regulation.

Like building a home, if you don't pour a base concrete foundation, and are sticking pieces of wood in the dirt, when a wind storm comes it will blow the structure down.

The same is true with attracting and keeping a healthy relationship.

Show me one woman who is in a HEALTHY and LOVING relationship or marriage who has low self-esteem and ongoing trust issues? You can't.

Let me explain why the 4 Pillar Approach to Dating is the Most Effective way to attract (and keep) a Healthy Relationship.

The 4 Pillar Approach to Dating

Pillar #1 B.A.C.E


Assertive & Effective Communication


Emotional Regulation


So you develop the skills and confidence to never attract a toxic relationship again, and gain the tools that will transform your entire life.

Pillar #2 Marketing & The External

Your Feminine Energy

Online Presence 





So you Receive the RIGHT Attention from High Valued Men.

Pillar #3 Dating Strategy & Healthy Match Selection

Learn the 6C-Method to Screen for Healthy Love.

The DOC-3 Online Dating Strategy (the most effective time-saving strategy online)

Offline Dating Strategies 

Eliminate the exhaustion from dating and make sure you have the proven frameworks and strategies so you can attract healthy love.

Pillar #4 Dating Skills 

Flirtation & Playfulness

Texting Skills

Dating communication 

Creating Enticement & Desire

Body Language

Dating skills are learned skills, these skills will increase your communication and confidence in all areas of your life. 


Welcome to Date For Success 


Date for Success (DFS) isn’t a ‘Dating Course’ like all the other ones you may have taken.


…It’s an 8 week online Transformational Process that will change you…From a Disempowered Dating Mindset to an Empowered Queen who is deeply in love with yourself.


What you'll get inside DFS...


  • You'll Eliminate toxic and self-sabotaging behaviors that are blocking you from love
  • You'll never attract wrong matches and toxic relationships into your life again
  • Develop skills to communicate effectively to get what you want within relationships and all areas of your life
  • Stop wasting your time on matches that are no good for you
  • Learn to date strategically with charisma, class, and enticement.
  • Authentically date and attract  high-valued matches who want commitment from you
  • Fast forward a year from now and you could be in a happy committed long-term relationship, or even engaged

Which of these results would you like the most?



Shana has been a friend, a coach, a sounding board, and someone who I'd like to emulate. She's been so patient with me. She's amazing, and I'm in a better place. I really think I'll find the right guy now.


Let me show you what's waiting for you inside

Date for Success once you decide to become a Member...

Create your Inner Foundation So You Can Let Go of The Past and Invite the Future You Deserve! 

Pillar 1/Week 1

  • The easiest way to forgive yourself and others.
  • The simple way to constantly build your confidence.
  • Discover how to embrace your inner goddess so you can attract the partner and future you desire.
  • The secrets to living every day feeling positive, happy and abundant! 

Transform into A Confident Boundary Badass and Learn How to Trust in Love Again

Pillar 1/Week 2

  • Discover how to develop strong self-trust so you gain the empowerment to trust in love over and over again.
  • How to develop a strong B.A.C.E foundation (boundaries, assertive communication, confidence, empowerment, and emotional regulation) without going to lengthy therapy sessions.
  • The fastest way to develop self-awareness so you are one step closer to attracting your perfect person.
  • The secrets to approaching anyone in public with confidence, class, and poise. 

Embracing your Feminine Energy so you can Attract the RIGHT Matches!

Pillar 2/Week 3

  • The secrets to confidently presenting yourself on dates that will always have men intrigued!

  •  The single most effective way to screen matches (6C Method) so you can attract a healthy relationship.

  •  How to prevent time wasters, or low quality matches from never even attempting to message you or waste your time again (like ever).

  •  In videos 3.6, 3.7 and 3.8 many women have breakthroughs and release these blocks that have been holding them back from love!

Create a Dating Strategy that will have High Value Men Pursuing You! 

Pillar 3/Week 4

  • Discover how to create the most enticing online dating profile that will have your ideal matches asking you out! 
  • What high-value men don’t tell you about your online dating profile, and how to ensure your pictures pop and get his attention! 
  • The secrets to MASTER online dating using my proven DOC-3 Strategy that saves you time, eliminates burnout, and gets you attracting the right matches!
  • How to create an offline dating strategy and meet men organically without going out every Friday night, or endlessly swiping on apps!

Transform into The Dating Vixen While Authentically Being You!

Pillar 3/Week 5

  • The sneaky way to present yourself best for Zoom or FaceTime dates!
  • This one simple strategy in video 5.2 saves you tons of time online dating!
  • How to flirt in a way that feels natural to you!

  •  The tricks to being a good flirter and conversationalist! 

  •  Discover how to build connection and rapport while asking the right questions so you attract what you want!

Become the Communication Queen and Date with Poise, Playfulness, and Enticement!

Pillar 4/Week 6

  • Discover how to authentically text will class, charisma and enticement, so he is hooked from the start! 
  • The secret to embracing your vulnerability and disclosing something you are embarrassed about while dating.
  • Tools to make you bulletproof to rejection!

How to Enhance the Connection with Confidence on Dates!

Pillar 4/Week 7

  • The easiest flirting tips for you to authentically show your playful side!
  • A smart way to filter out too many matches who come your way!

  •  The single most effective visualization exercise that will give you the reassurance that your love story is inevitable! 

How to have Lasting Love and Unshakeable Confidence while in Love!

Pillar 4/Week 8

  • The most effective ways for learning how to ‘fight properly’ within relationships.

  •  Boundaries for Healthy Relationships (5 things you should never do, that so many couples do)

  •  The secret to having the ‘exclusivity talk’, and expressing what you want in love!

I’ve helped hundreds of clients transform their love lives and Attract Healthy Relationships!


My Private coaching clients pay me anywhere from  $3000 up to $7,000 to work with me

My private coaching programs cost thousands.

However, over the years of coaching women, it absolutely breaks my heart that I’ve had many women unable to get the coaching, support, and guidance due to not having the financial resources.

My mission is to transform women’s love lives and empower them to attract healthy loving relationships that they deserve. 

The Date For Success course allows me to serve multiple women at a much more affordable investment throughout this self-paced course.

So tell me….are you in?

The Investment for Date For Success!

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"What if this doesn't work for me?"

What if I don’t get the results she’s talking about? 

What if this isn’t the right fit for me?

This is why I have a 14-day money-back guarantee. If after the first 14 days you don’t like what the program has to offer, you can request a full refund and we would be happy to refund you. Simply email our client liaison [email protected], no questions asked.

However, I am  confident DFS will transform your life.

So what is the risk? It’s either going to help you or not. The biggest risk is walking away, not enrolling and wondering...'what if?'

I have some extra 'Goodies' for you! Valued at $391!

The 8 main modules of DFS will transform your love life, but that's only the beginning.

When you join Date for Success you get 4 Massive Bonuses to make your progress even faster starting with...

The two most popular ebooks that have transformed women's lives!

  • The infamous '31 Dating Rules' Ebook, ensures you never waste your time dating the wrong matches again!
  • 'Beauty Guide: Secrets to looking amazing on a budget' ebook. Tricks for you to look your best self by not breaking the bank!
  • AND each module comes with a custom DFS workbook to ensure you stay accountable and motivated! 8 Workbooks in total!

Unsure how to take captivating photos or how to make your write-up pop?

  • Included is ‘Photo Taking Training: to get your angles working for you!’ and the ‘Simple ways to edit your photos so they stand out!’ training video.
  • Are you a ‘bad writer’? Included in this bonus is Plug and Play dating profile templates, that have been proven to get results and save you time!

So Now it's time for You to make One of Two Choices

The first choice is to choose to do nothing. And as you already know, if you choose nothing…then nothing changes. 

You can hope your inner blocks will fix themselves, have an I-know-everything mentality and risk the chance of heartbreak or divorce again.

BUT, if you already know you deserve to put yourself first to gain the trust and confidence to date effectively with expert support so you can attract a healthy fulfilling relationship, then your choice is obvious: join Date for Success and start your transformation to becoming an Empowered Queen so you can attract a healthy relationship!

Simply click the button below to say YES to putting your future first!

But if you’re still on the fence, wondering whether to take the leap, let me share one last thought with you, maybe you’re thinking…

‘I have friends and family for support,' or ‘I’ll join the next intake!’

There is a saying that goes, ‘those of a feather flock together', meaning your friends and family don’t necessarily see your blind spots. Your friends and family love you, but at times they tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to hear. Nothing beats expert nonbiased guidance and support.

Gina D.

"The tools and mindset she provided will help me for a lifetime, and I am ever so grateful. I am confident in who I am!"

2 Monthly Instalments


2 Month Instalment Plan

Join Instalment Plan Here!

OR save $37 and pay


One Time Payment

Pay in full and Save!

And, because I actually give a FAQ! Your most popular questions were answered!

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